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We Consult. We Write. We Help.

The Gabrielle Reed Media Group (GRMG) was created for executive leaders and entrepreneurs in need of expert-level communications consulting, public speaking training, and media training with an emphasis on cultural competence. 

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Your problem: 

You don't have a great understanding of DEI. 

You struggle with selling your business on paper and in person.
You want your book to be a bestseller, but you have typos. 
You want to be a better speaker, but lack the confidence. 
You want to discuss urgent topics and need a good facilitator.

Our solution:
We make it happen. 

The Steps:

Fill out contact form after establishing what services you need. 

We will reach out and then provide you with a quote. 

A contract and/or invoice will be sent. After documents are approved and signed, let's start working together!

Services Offered:

Resume & Cover Letter

In need of a resume revamp? Want a cover letter that helps your personality shine through? We are certified to create professional materials that enhances your personal brand and showcases your credentials!


Need someone to review your branding and marketing materials? Want to make sure the messaging is cohesive, strategic, and culturally competent? Book us for a review session or a training! 

Freelance Writing

We provide writing and editing services. If you have a writing project, reach out to us and we can work together! 


We want to work with you to achieve cultural awareness within your workplace environment. From knowing how to communicate across cultures to knowing how to address diversity-related issues with sensitivity and empathy, we are here to support you!

Public Speaking

Gabby Reed is a renowned public speaker. Given her pageantry, media, and leadership background, she will be a great host, moderator, panelist, and speaker for your event!

These are her favorite topics: 

  • College Readiness 

  • Internships 

  • Teen Girl & Women Empowerment 

  • Media 

  • Mental Health Awareness 

  • Diversity

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